UniPro strives to fulfill the organization's Vision and Mission through various Programs and Departments. Those who join the organization have the opportunity to explore their place in the community in the hope of owning their niche as staff members of these Programs and Departments.


UniPro's annual conference, Summit, is an opportunity for young Pilipinos throughout the world to find a safe space for honest dialogue.

The Policy, Advocacy, and Research Bureau (PARB) is utilized to create awareness, spark discussions, and foment systems-wide changes in the community. 

Community Building (CBP) reaches out to collaborate with all organizations and members of the community to promote the advancement of the Pilipino community.

Usapan offers college students a space for dialogue to gain knowledge on any and all topics that might concern the average young Pilipino American.


The Human Resources department handles the internal management of all employees within the organization. HR leads the sourcing and searching for staff positions.

Development leads the fundraising of the organization to carry out its initiatives and programs through coordination with other departments

The Communications Department leads the organization's marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns, and manages all external communications.

The Finance department handles day-to-day transactional accounting for the various departments within the company.