UniPro’s Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth, also known as UniPro Summit, is an annual conference to congregate Pilipino community leaders. The purpose of Summit is to provide a safe space for honest dialogue among young Pilipinos from throughout the world.

Past Summits:


Summit 2016: Reach

The goal for this year's Summit is to create a sustainable inter-generational pipeline of leadership for the Filipino American community by developing a unified and engaged Filipino America through a series of dialogues and workshops. This movement continues by reaching inwards, within ourselves; reaching upwards, to our mental capabilities; reaching outwards, to our networks and communities; and reaching onwards, to future generations. It is our time to reach, reach for a better today.

-Co-Directors Melody Perez Kidd & Rose-Ann Gutierrez

Summit 2015: Recognize

This year, we invite you, our friends, peers, and role models to go beyond issues affecting the Pilipino and to RECOGNIZE our shared experiences with other communities of color and our role as allies in social justice movements. Take advantage of your time here today. This is a learning experience for all of us, so please ask questions, share opinions and know this is a safe space. We acknowledge that these are tough conversations, so we thank you for your presence. Please bring your whole selves and support each other as we RECOGNIZE self, community and contribution. 

-Co-Directors Dominique De Leon & Patricia Dayleg

Summit 2014: Your Move

Delegates from across the nation will, for the first time, attend Filipino American leadership conferences that are under one, unified theme – “Your Move.” Inspired by last year’s theme, “Rise,” members in Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro) developed a concept to challenge delegates to leave their mark by making their move. After collaborating with other organizers across the country, it was agreed upon to carry out the conferences under one theme that would create an overall sense of unity. Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro), Filipino Youth Leadership Program (FYLPro), and Empowering Pilipino Youth through Collaboration (EPYC) hope this initiative will jump-start a movement of cohesion between all Fil-Am leadership conferences across the country. Rachelle Ocampo, President of UniPro, states, "We wanted to show that unity can be accomplished and all it took was to reach out and talk to each other. The usual talk about collaboration among Filipino organizations across the nation is old news, but this milestone is significant. We encourage organizers with similar interests to contact us."

-Co-Directors Noel Aglubat & Jennifer Delos Santos

Summit 2013: Rise

At Summit 2012, we celebrated the Pilipino Renaissance. It is a global Pilipino community that we in UniPro imagined to be marked by significant representation and influence in all industries, from politics to arts and entertainment to science and medicine. Is such a flourishing of our community even possible? Are we beginning to experience it now? Our amazing speakers told their stories and the ways they contribute to the Renaissance. But if the Renaissance is our goal, then how can we, as young Pilipinos, share in its creation? We wanted to know - how can we take the next step from the Renaissance? How can we harness the overwhelming inspiration of last year’s Summit and convert it into practical action so that we can make real and tangible change for our community? Eventually, we arrived at “Rise.” This year, we want you to leave Summit feeling empowered and knowledgeable about the ways you can confront the issues you are passionate about. Absorb lessons and advice from our speakers and from your fellow delegates. Form collaborations that will benefit not only you or your organization, but also others. Step up as a leader to rise as a community above adversity and invisibility.

-Co-Chairs Iris Zalun & Gecile Fojas

Summit 2012: Pilipino Renaissance

Welcome to the 2nd Annual UniPro Summit: A Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth. We created our theme, the “Pilipino Renaissance,” as the UniPro Staff brainstormed about what we could possibly frame an entire conference around. We considered the successes of Pilipinos in recent years – in the New York-metro area, across the United States, and globally – and felt a sense of pride in knowing that our fellow Pilipinos are able not only to succeed, but also to make the accomplishments of our community known to others, despite our label as the “Invisible Minority.” While today is about celebrating the successes of Pilipinos, it is also a day for collaboration and discussion of the important issues that affect our global community. Of course, we still have a long way to go, but NOW is the time to explore how to further the Pilipino Renaissance, whether it is a movement that is happening TODAY or whether we can look forward to it in the future, through the incredible talent and passion of our featured speakers and through each of you as delegates. Our goal for this Summit is for everyone to walk away impassioned and inspired, with tangible knowledge that they can share with their respective communities in order to push for the flourishing of the Pilipino people. We are fortunate to have delegates traveling from all over the world and I hope this Summit marks the beginning of an everlasting and universal Pilipino Renaissance. This is your day, so make it count!

-Co-Chairs Rachelle Ocampo & Judy Yem

Summit 2011: Building Bridges

Welcome and thank you for supporting Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro)'s first annual Summit. The Filipino community may be separated geographically but each community faces similar issues, and so the Summit will create an opportunity meet, exchange idea, and organize a global network promoting international Filipino collaboration. 

We look forward to building on this weekend's relationships and coming back again next year stronger, more accomplished, and better equipped to raise the flag of a united Filipino potential.

-Tri-Chairs Rachelle Ocampo, Justine Ordinario & Kristina Joyas