Summit 2018: Isang Bagsak, La Lucha Sigue

Isang Bagsak - La Lucha Sigue… in two different languages - Tagalog and Spanish - it means “one down, the struggle continues…”. With the upheaval and division in our country, Americans are becoming louder than ever by demonstrating more transparency on their values, and leading national discussions and movements.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together like-minded and passionate students, individuals, and community groups, who seek the building blocks needed to lead initiatives and movements in their own communities. Our focus is to challenge those participants to create a template of action, find new ways of communicating their thoughts and stories, and mobilize their communities to persevere. In creating this conference, our goal is to help community members become united, engaged, and innovative leaders who are able to build events, spaces, or dialogues for change.  


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This year our Summit is in San Diego, California. The conference will take place at the Hahn University Center of the University of San Diego.

Hahn University Center

5998 Acala Park Way, San Diego, California 92110

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  • Registration & Check-In
  • Welcome
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Session 1
  • Workshop Session 2
  • Workshop Session 3
  • Closing Ceremony


This conference we decided to create three workshop sessions that Empower, Build Coalitions, and Mobilize.


Topic 1: Running for Office (city council, board of commissions

Topic 2: Running for a leadership position

Topic 3: How to lead a group

Topic 4: Accountability

Topic 5: Leadership & Advocacy

Building Coalitions

Topic 1: Collaboration & Solidarity Building

Topic 2: Learning from our Past

Topic 3: Recruiting

Topic 4: Organizational Structure

Topic 5: Community Outreach


Topic 1: Creating Rallies and Marches

Topic 2: Getting involved as a minor (under 18)

Topic 3: Alternative/Non-traditional ways of Movement Building

Topic 4: Mobilizing your Community

Topic 5: Getting City Officials involved in your Movement