Summit 2017 Program

While there is no easy answer on how to address or solve the issues that our Pilipino American communities face, UniPro is making a commitment to centering these conversations and stories of social change through UniPro Summit 2017. Our call for persistence is a push for our community to stand up to the challenges confronting us and organize so that we can move forward together.

Through UniPro Summit 2017, we aim to recognize and celebrate the diverse perspectives of our delegates, whether they are students, young professionals, or community leaders; from our local area or around the world. Our workshops and activities should cater to a wide range of demographics. Accepted workshops will be placed into tracks that suit the attendees of Summit 2017.

Application Deadline: Friday April 21st,  2017 11:59PM

Workshop Logistics and Guidelines

  1. Each workshop will be a maximum of 1 hour in length

  2. Workshops must provide a safe space that is inclusive of all delegates and their backgrounds

  3. Workshops must not only incorporate educational material but inspire action in accordance with the conference theme

  4. Workshops should be relevant to the Filipino American and Asian American community

  5. Workshops should provide an interactive experience for our delegates

Please note that if your workshop is accepted, UniPro is not liable for your travel and lodging expenses. 

If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact

UniPro Summit 2017 Workshop Application

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