UniPro Book Club

We are the Invisible Minority, the product of colonization, corruption, and the resulting Philippine diaspora, struggling for freedom and success in America. And yet, creative voices persist, sharing the stories of our unique history, identity, and culture, and immortalizing the Pilipino American experience. 

Celebrate the prominent storytellers of our community with the UniPro Book Club! The Book Club collectively selects a written work by Pilipino or Pilipino American authors to read and discuss as a group. If available, the author also joins the discussion. Please contact iris.zalun@unipronow.org for more information.  

Here is our Pilipino and Pilipino American reading list. Notice that something is missing? Let us know!

Below are the works that the Book Club has read. Click on the covers to purchase the work from Amazon. (If you make your purchase through Amazon Smile and choose "Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc." as your charity, a portion of the funds will be donated to UniPro!)

America is in the Heart

Carlos Bulosan (1946)

Noli Me Tangere

Jose P. Rizal (1887)

The Umbrella Country

Bino A. Realuyo (1999)

Gun Dealers' Daughter

Gina Apostol (2010)



Sarah Gambito (2004)


Sarah Gambito (2009)

In the Country

Mia Alvar (2015)

The Latinos of Asia

Anthony Ocampo (2016)



Lysley Tenorio (2012)

State of War

Ninotchka Rosca (1988)

Brown Skin White Minds

E.J.R. David (2013)

Smaller and Smaller Circles

F.H. Batacan (2002)


Mango Bride

Marivi Soliven (2013)

Little Manila is in the heart

Dawn Bohulano Mabalon (2013)

America Is not the heart

Elaine Castillo (2018)

Monsoon Mansion

Cinelle Barnes (2018)


Gina Apostol (2018)