The Human Resources department handles the internal management within the organization. HR team members are in charge of sourcing and searching for potential candidates for open positions, interviewing candidates during the recruitment season, and ensuring that the necessary paperwork is completed during the onboarding process.

Human Resources also leads staff development, with the interdependent goals of:

  • Developing the leadership skills of the individual staff member according to the member’s needs and personal interests
  • Ensuring that each program and department has the appropriate team members to operate efficiently

The aim is to develop individual staff members into better community leaders, both for themselves and for UniPro to operate efficiently, strengthen, and grow as an organization. 

Human Resources oversees UniPro’s Internship Program. The Internship Program is dedicated to transforming individuals (undergraduate students and high school students) both professionally and as community leaders, while providing support to programs and departments. 

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Human Resources Staff

Christine Sicwaten
Director of Human Resources, NY

Vanessa Palma
Staff Development Coordinator, NY

Katherine Reyes
Human Resources Coordinator

Marc Densing
Human Resources Coordinator

Daniel Acampado
Talent Acquisition Lead, NY

Edsel Batucan
Human Resources Advisor