Our Sustainability & Internal Operations of Pilipino American Organizations (SIOPAO) initiative consists of a series of anonymous interviews conducted with founders/leaders of New York Filipino or Filipino-American community based organizations (CBO) that will ultimately assess the current state of Filipino-Americans in New York and address the challenges inhibiting the community. 

We hope to engage in dialogue with community leaders about best practices and challenges to providing important health and human services to Filipino New Yorkers, and together find ways that community organizations can work collaboratively to address these challenges. We are excited to connect with and learn from the many passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to the equity, dignity and visibility of the Filipino-American community in New York and across the nation.Throughout its eight-month study, the SIOPAO team will conduct interviews with CBOs in order to develop a standard model of how an organization grows and matures, identify the best practices to successfully operate and sustain a CBO, and determine achievable ways to promote collaboration among Filipino-American organizations. Interviews will assist in gaining qualitative data regarding histories, narratives and communal consciousness.