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UniPro Texas Launch: Ignite
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UniPro Texas Launch: Ignite

We have lift off!

Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro) is proud to announce the official launch of our Texas chapter. Join our pamilya in celebration as we look back on a year of growth and look forward into what we have in store for our community. With our launch, we hope to ignite the fire within the Pilipino-American and Asian-American community in our state and drive the change we want to see happen. As space city Houston, it is the perfect setting for lift off.

Ignite - ig·nite/iɡˈnīt/ - catch fire or cause to catch fire. What are we trying to ignite?

UniPro Texas aims to unite the Pilipino-American community using our innate sense of Kapwa; through educating the public on our identity, we will thereby empower our people toward a brighter future. We seek to build a space for open communication between groups and generations, provide a medium for our voices to be heard.

Our Fuel: 

Kapwa - Community service, Collaboration, Community Building
Identity - Historical context, Open Dialogue, Education
Empowerment - Representation, Civic engagement, Innovation

Unipro is a NYC- based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to advocacy, leadership development, and collaboration within the Pilipino-American community across the nation. Other chapters aside from New York include Chicago-Midwest, Seattle, and San Diego.

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Baon: Conference & Gala
8:00 AM08:00

Baon: Conference & Gala

  • Texas A&M University, Rudder Tower (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

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UniPro Houston and SIFA invite you to participate in our one day conference open to both members of FSAs and the rest of our community to discuss topics that will intersect with people of all backgrounds. Afterwards, join us at our evening Gala. Together, we will explore IDENTITY, EMPOWERMENT, & LEGACY through discussion-based workshops in hopes of finding strengths and helping one another grow.

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