This Year’s Theme:

X” celebrates ten years of UniPro history, community, and progress. As we collectively reflect on the 10th anniversary of the organization, we also enter emotionally-charged conversations that address difficult topics and varying perspectives that impact the Pilipino American community. In “X,” we invite you to engage and reflect on Experience, Exclusion, and Extension, in order to mobilize and unite our community for the next “X” years.

 What is Summit?

UniPro’s Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth, also known as Summit, is an annual conference to congregate Pilipino community leaders. The purpose of Summit is to provide a safe space for honest dialogue among young Pilipinos from throughout the world.

This year UniPro New York will be hosting Summit on June 1st, 2019 at the New York Marriott Downtown. In light of the organization’s 10th year celebration, UniPro New York is proud to present “UniPro Summit 2019: X.”

Located in The New York Marriott Downtown:


85 West Street at Albany Street New York, NY 10006