Reasons to Attend Summit 2016!

Wondering what Summit: Reach is all about?  Our goal is to create a pipeline of leadership by developing a unified and engaged community through dialogues and workshops.  This movement continues by reaching for a better today.  Here are some of the most exciting things to expect at this year’s UniPro Summit.

Be a Part of History.

For the first time ever, UniPro Summit will be held in (hardly) sunny Seattle!  You will have the opportunity to learn about the history and the impact of Filipinos in the local communities.  Join us and become a part of history.
Space to Dialogue.
At Summit: Reach, you will find an open, collaborative space to spark a dialogue with others.  This is a great time to meet, listen and learn from other delegates.  At Summit, your ideas are needed and voices will be heard.
The Whole Family is Welcome!
We mean it!  At Summit: Reach, we welcome all, from toddlers to the retired.  We will be offering daycare to those who would like to bring children.  Take advantage of this opportunity and join us.  Come one, come all!
Find Your Career Path.
Whether you're in high school, in the industry for years or seeking guidance, you'll get the opportunity to meet individuals in different industries, from non-profit organizations to tech businesses at Summit.  You don't want to miss out.
Workshops You Actually Want to Attend.
Always wanted to attend a food workshop?  Want to learn more about policies?  Want to learn more about our heritage and migration?  At Summit: Reach, you'll get the amazing opportunity to attend workshops that will propel you to reach for a better today.
Not your Basic Panel.

With Summit: Reach, we will be focusing on the complex topic of multiracial unity.  With the current events happening around the world, it is imperative that we raise awareness and have a better understanding as to how we stand in solidarity with other communities.  Listen and learn from our incredible panelists, which include King County Councilmember Larry Gossett and Hood Famous Bakeshop owner, Chera Amlag.
Free tickets to the Philippines! Seriously.
Huge thanks to our sponsor Philippine Airlines, one lucky delegate will win a free round-trip ticket to the Philippines. You will be automatically entered to win when you register for Summit: Reach. Who doesn't want a free ticket to the Philippines?!
Meet Someone Who Needs You.
In order to progress, we must reach within and understand ourselves in order to better understand others. At Summit: Reach, we challenge you to learn more about yourselves, meet others and learn from them.  Create long-lasting relationships and propel each other to reach for a better today.

Join the movement. Learn more about Summit by visiting the official Summit 2016 website. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

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