UniPro NY Welcomes their 2019 Spring Internship Class

As UniPro NY begins their next class for the Internship Program, we are excited to welcome 3 students who have been selected to be a part of the program for the Spring 2019 class.

The UniPro Internship Program is dedicated to transforming individuals both professionally and as community leaders, while providing support to UniPro's programs and departments. The program started in 2009, providing structure and guidance towards being a more polished professional and a stronger community leader.


Bianca-Anne Lucas is a freshman attending Stony Brook University as a Health Science major on the pre-nursing track and as a music minor. She aspires to be a nurse - specifically an operating room nurse - because she has a high interest in aiding surgery and learning about the fundamentals of what surgeons / nurses need to do to heal their patients. Music is a significant part of her life as it helps her relieve stress, find happiness and bring joy to others. Bianca plays three instruments: flute, piano and viola.

As a college student, Bianca strives to take advantage of opportunities where she can grow academically and socially. She applied to an EMT program and phlebotomy course in hopes to get more health related experience. Additionally, she participates in four clubs: Philippine United Student Organization (PUSO), Asian Student Alliance (ASA), Chinese Association at Stony Brook (CASB), and Pre-Nursing Society. In her free time she likes to take long naps, eat slowly, and watch Netflix. Bianca wants to incorporate UniPro into her life to learn more about her Filipino culture, and develop her public speaking and network skills.


Kyla Palapar is currently a freshman enrolled under NYU’s Communicative Sciences and Disorders under Steinhardt. She’s also involved with the NYU America Reads program and works under NYU’s L-Feld Lab where she volunteers in New York City’s public school. As a Communicative Sciences and Disorders Major, she’s affiliated in NYU’s National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.

As a Filipino-American, she’s honored to be a part of Unipro’s program and actively participates in the International Filipino Association at NYU. Kyla hopes to make the Filipino community proud and thanks UniPro for this opportunity.


Abigail Anne Rafael is a sophomore public relations major at Kean University where she prepares for her future profession in PR through academia, on campus involvement, and community service. Motivated by her hardworking parents and her own ambitions, Abigail Anne is engaged in a variety of organizations as an editor of the school newsletter, The Cougar’s Byte, secretary of Filipinos Uniting Nations at Kean (FUNK), member of Newman Catholic Club, and silver leader for the Leadership Institute.

Of all her interests, Abigail Anne is most passionate about her Roman Catholic faith and the Filipino American community. She maintains her personal Instagram account (@thecatholiccool) to feature posts that may help other catholic college students stay motivated in their faith. In her spare time, she also ponders the implications of the Filipino American narrative and hopes to help progress the community’s goals with her own experiences and efforts.