UniPro Summit 2017: "Persist"

UniPro Summit 2017: “Persist” was inspired by the heightened awareness of the cultural, political, and social justice issues that have arisen in our communities. While there is no easy answer on how to address or solve the issues that our Pilipino American communities face, UniPro is making a commitment to centering these conversations and stories of social change through UniPro Summit 2017. Our call for persistence is a push for our community to stand up to the challenges confronting us and organize so that we can move forward together.

June 3, 2017 saw UniPro gather community members and leaders from across the country at Hotel Pennsylvania for a day filled with addressing and discussing the issues and challenges our community faces, and how we can work together to push for progress in our communities, collaboratively, and as one, unified, Pilipino America.

UniPro created a program dedicated to three major demographics of our community - student leaders, young professionals, and community influencers, to give them the tools necessary to succeed in their endeavors. With speakers from San Francisco, Chicago, Florida, and everywhere in between, UniPro provided a unique opportunity to learn about the Filipino American experience from different parts of the country, and share best practices and common issues that our communities face. 

"Persist" was not only a call to action, but an opportunity to re-energize our leaders in their fight to continue to strive for the change they want to see in our communities by drawing on the knowledge of others, and finding inspiration in the stories shared throughout the day. 

Thank you to all those who made UniPro Summit 2017: "Persist" an astounding success - our speakers, our staff, our sponsors, and of course, our attendees. We recognize that our community has issues that need to be tackled, but we know that we can make our move by reaching within ourselves and others to move forward and persist.