UniPro Texas Statement on Hurricane Harvey

Although Harvey has left Houston, the devastating aftermath remains. Love and support have been pouring in from all over, but we still have a long road to recovery.  Our Houston community partners, Asian Pacific American Advocates (OCA) and other organizations, have come together to provide a relief fund for our AAPI community. 

The Harvey AAPI Community Relief Fund was established to pool resources and distribute them to underserved populations of Houston. These are people in need that do not have any means of income and are not able to support themselves during this time of disaster.

Please donate and share the Harvey AAPI Community Relief Fund to help bring aid to AAPI’s all around the Houston metropolitan area that have been severely impacted by the storm. Although you may not be able to help locally, a financial donation goes a long way as we mobilize and serve our community here in Houston. 

For those that are local, there are plenty of ways you can aid in relief efforts. There are opportunities to volunteer in shelters throughout Houston and around your area. Donations are always accepted but contact shelters prior to ensure it is something they need. The Hope Clinic is available for anyone in need of medical assistance or eligibility, navigation, and FEMA application assistance. 

Those that have been calling in for medical assistance, the 3 HOPE Clinic sites are operational the rest of this week. From  9AM-5PM Thursday & Friday for medical care. They are providing a family physician, pediatrician, OB/GYN, and counseling. If anyone lost their medication in the flood or if they are not feeling well, please come by. Families in need of medical attention do not have to visit the ER if it is not an emergency. 

Here, we provided a links to keep you posted about roads, information about shelters, and more ways you can help the city of Houston: 

Through all the distress, there is compassion all around and the strength of people helping one another. We would like to thank all the first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, news reporters, and volunteers that have traveled from all over and are risking their lives to help those displaced from their homes. Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time. We appreciate all your love and support. 

Rea Sampilo and Mark Sampelo are the Co-Presidents of UniPro Texas. They can be contacted at rea.sampilo@unipronow.org and mark.sampelo@unipronow.org.