Anthony Castro, Managing Director

As we look to learn more about ourselves, we find ourselves chasing new experiences and passions, and getting to know other people in the process. That’s how we find community, and put ourselves around people that have the same values, visions, and goals that we have. I love bringing people together to create a connection, and hope that those connections can change people’s worlds.

The community that I’ve found myself in because of the hard work and passion of others has brought me to UniPro, and I’m now in the position of paying it forward so that those that follow will find the same type of connections that I’ve experienced. This organization has brought me to different corners of the country to connect with so many different people, and given me experiences I could not have imagined.

Currently, I’m the Managing Director of UniPro NY, previously Vice President (2017-2018), Director of External Programming (2016-2017), Director of IT/Communications (2015-2016), and Communications Intern (2015). By day, I’m a Senior Marketing & Communications Associate for World Education Services’ Global Talent Bridge program. In the past, I organized as a student for Seton Hall University’s FLASH as President (2013-2014), and for FIND, Inc.’s 2014 Fall Dialogue at Steven’s Institute of Technology as a conference Chairperson.

I’m always looking to expand my community and get to know more people! Let’s connect: