Kristina London, Creative Director

As a sophomore in college I thought I had it all figured out- I was going to become a child psychologist. Being the product of two psychiatric nurses, I thought I was acting above and beyond any ambitions (*cough* nursing *cough*) my parents held for me. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I'd go to grad school, help the children, and make enough of a living to settle comfortably into old age.  

I worked two internships that year. But something about the choices I made had the underlying tones of a person conflicted with their future path. The first, a psychology internship at the university child care center, was an obvious career choice. The second, a general internship with Pilipino American Unity for Progress, seemed completely random. What claims did I have to being Pilipino other than my face? I liked two dishes. I didn't even hang out with Pilipinos at school. Something deep in my subconscious (former psych major, can't you tell??) was forcing me to reexamine my life ambitions, and had me start with a self reflection of who I really was. 

UniPro gave me the safe space to let go of conditioned thoughts and beliefs. I was and currently am surrounded by hard working, passionate individuals who built me up to question everything around me and take exactly what I want out of life. I don't know how I went by so long without a community. This can mean many different things to people. I equate community to that one commenter on Instagram who's constantly cheering you on and sprinkling in a few heart eye emojis every now and then. I want to sustain the exact environment that has helped me flourish in so many parts of my life.

Suffice to say I didn't go to grad school, but fumbled around in media and now work as an Account Manager. After sophomore year, I moved onto becoming Treasurer for Stony Brook's PUSO (14/15) and Fundraising Tri-Chair during FIND Conference (2014.) Previously for UniPro I have served as Director of Development, Conference Tri-Chair, Secretary, and now the Creative Director. Excited to see what this new year will bring for my new team