Five Instagrammers You Should Follow (and who also happen to be Pilipino)

Instagram has revolutionized social media. It’s a vehicle to share stories, connect people, and exchange dialogue. Here are five Instagrammer you should be following (if you aren’t already).

1. @ejsamson - EJ Samson


Guys - here’s an account full of chests that your girlfriend will actually WANT you to look at. With his signature posting style, GQ Digital Director EJ Samson showcases perfectly crafted combinations of pocket squares, shirts, ties, and jackets. His looks have even gotten him featured on Huffington Post and Business Insider - no big deal. Not to be mistaken as just another Instagram account dedicated to men’s fashion, @ejsamson is actually the opposite. In fact, hashtags like #ootd, #style, and #suitandtie never even make an appearance in his captions. You will, however, find witty puns and wordplay. Here’s a guy who (just like all of us) enjoys posting everyday moments to share with followers... he just happens to be really well-dressed while doing so.

2. @geenarocero - Geena Rocero


Geena Rocero is a fashion model who, after delivering a TED Talk earlier this year, came out to the world as transgender. The T in LGBT is still a concept that most people struggle to understand. It is because of this that Geena founded Gender Proud, an organization that brings advocacy and awareness to transgender issues. Her Instagram account isn’t a portfolio of her latest editorial shots, instead it is a personal glimpse into the story of a woman who is lending her voice to represent the transgender community’s fight for acceptance and equality. It is a ticket to join a journey rooted in courage that has brought her to places like the White House, the United Nations, and even South America. It is a chance to walk alongside not just a fashion model, but more importantly, a role model.

3. @nealsantos - Neal Santos


Raised as a concrete city boy in the Tri-state Area, one would think that Neal Santos would be a pro at Instagramming sky scrapers and zooming taxi cabs. However, Neal’s mastery lies in capturing the rural hometown feel in a very urban Philadelphia -- the place he now calls home. His portraits of locals are honest and touching.  His food posts are way too classy to be called #foodporn (one might even call them ‘sacred’). @nealsantos makes you want to eat your veggies... and then ask for more. He has a way of snapping photos that make elements come to life in ways you didn’t know you could experience them -- as if you could actually hear the sunshine, smell the colors, and taste the silence.

4. @bjpascual - BJ Pascual


BJ Pascual is one of the youngest yet most accomplished fashion photographers in the industry right now. Although based in the Philippines, BJ is also making waves internationally. His Instagram mostly depicts samples from his body of work, with a few occasional sprinkles of the photographer himself appearing in front of the camera. BJ’s editorial photos coupled with his everyday snapshots depict an artist always at work. He has a way of translating his subjects’ style into sentences and expressions into edicts. Who needs to flip through pages of magazines when you can just follow @bjpascual and keep scrolling... and double-tapping?

5. @zagadago - Marie Zagada


@zagadago is an everyday girl with a paper boutique side hustle and a lover of all things positive and healthy. Moments in our lives happen and sometimes we’re not lucky enough to capture them. Thankfully, @zagadago does it for us. She turns everyday moments into art -- moments like reading books, eating breakfast, listening to music, and yes sometimes even working out. The compositions of Marie’s posts are similar to what one would see in the lifestyle section of magazines, yet she manages to post in a way that is familiar and relatable. Her posts take on different perspectives of sights and experiences that are universal. She never abstracts simplicity, nor does she simplify the abstract. She lives in these moments, and the best part is... we get to join her.

Oh, and umm...

We hear @hoygino posts some good things every now and then too... allegedly.

Photo credits: @ejsamson, @geenarocero, @nealsantos, @bjpascual, @zagadago