The UniPro blog is proud to announce its collaboration with Filipino.Kitchen and The Errant Diner to give you, our dear readers, a delicious tour in the next few months of the deep and rich realm of Philippine cuisine.

When you go on the unipronow.org homepage, the three mission statements can be seen below the image banner -- issue identification, information dissemination, collaboration.

Filipino food has stories. Not only are they generated around the table but they are also embedded within the very recipes. It is oftentimes from these very stories that we as a culture identify and uncover underlying issues that need resolution within our families, our communities, and within ourselves.

The information required for resolution comes in many forms, and we believe the medium of food is a powerful and predominant one in our culture.

Food is almost always at the center of collaborations in the Filipino culture. Think of festivals within and between barangays, towns, and cities; fiestas, the unions in large family marriages and "lolo't lola, tito't tita, pinsan"-filled family get togethers during holidays.

Over the next few months, as we go into the world of Filipino food together, we want to hear from you. There will be writing prompts, twitter chats, polls, and many other ways to engage. Share your recipes, photos, thoughts... all to not only share each other's stories but to create new ones together.

Kain na tayo! Let's eat!


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