Update on "No to Hate!" Campaign

UniPro’s Official Statement Regarding Recent Hate Mail in American Canyon, California
In early January, the Pilipino population in American Canyon became the target of hate when several residents received an anonymous letter referring to members of the Pilipino community as “filthy” "unwanted" “scum.” We in UniPro released a petition to take a stand against racism, to stand in solidarity with the Pilipino community in Napa County, and to demand that local authorities and government officials ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. Similarly, NaFFAA Region 8 (National Federation of Filipino American Associations) has called for authorities to investigate the origins of the hate mail. We are grateful to those who have signed the petition, and especially to the City Council of American Canyon for their acknowledgement of our initiative and for their swift response to the incident. This response includes a rally and march on January 9th among city leaders and residents, including members of the Filipino American Association of American Canyon, in appreciation of diversity. Furthermore, the City Council adopted Resolution 2013-05 on January 15th, affirming the city as one of racial and religious equity. Lastly, the City Council has directed the Police Chief to investigate all possible leads regarding the author of the letter. While we laud these efforts, there is still a long way to go towards eradicating the deep-seated and ongoing racism that Americans face every day. UniPro strongly urges that Pilipino organizations work together - locally, regionally, and nationally - to show support for all victims of hate, and to create a national culture that accepts and celebrates diversity.