Pasko na! 7 Essential Pilipino Christmas Songs


Credit: Courtesy of 365 Great Pinoy Stuff It was the middle of October, nearly Halloween, when I was sitting in a Pilipino restaurant and heard christmas carols playing. Patrons in anywhere else would be confused, but customers sat unfazed listening to Jingle Bells four months early. As far as Pilipinos know, Christmas season starts in September and continues through the Feast of the Epiphany in January. Evergreen trees, mini nativity sets, and colorful parols quickly go up after September 1 to mark the celebratory season.

Music, especially, marks the Philippines' devotion to the festive holiday. I have never had the pleasure of being in the country during Christmas, but I did grow up with my mother chiming "Ang pasko ay sumaaaapit" throughout the home as she decorated indoors and heard choirs at church singing Pasko na Naman at Simbang Gabi performances. Such inspired the below list of classic Pilipino Christmas songs to blast!

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit A gleeful tune exalting the joy of Christmas.

Pasko na Naman This upbeat song reminds us to give thanks for the holiday.

Pasko Na, Sinta Ko Consider this poignant tune the Pilipino answer to "Blue Christmas."

Himig ng Pasko This waltz captures the visceral pleasure and sounds of the season.

Paskong Anong Saya The cheerful song not only celebrates Christmas, but the New Year.

Noche Buena "Noche Buena" is a Pilipino tradition involving a feast on Christmas Eve.

Star Ng Pasko This catchy pop single features ABS-CBN stars and heralds the spirit of giving.