Announcing UniPro's President Elect 2014-2015

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we are very excited to announce Iris Zalun as President for Pilipino American Unity for Progress' Fiscal Year 2014-2015! Iris began her career with UniPro when she was a senior at Fordham University in 2010. It was evident from the beginning how passionate she was for the Pilipino community through her constant attendance at events and her unselfish willingness to volunteer for the presented cause. Through the years, she displayed her strong leadership abilities and quickly started motivating UniPro to establish a role within the community, one that is revered as a purposeful and trusting non-profit.It was hard for her cohorts to overlook her ambition and they immediately sought her out for the huge honor of Co-Chairing Summit in 2012. Her organizational skills and sheer tenacity led her to bring more than 250 delegates, helping UniPro maintain our role as a purposeful force within in the community. She served for 2 years as UniPro Vice President (while also preserving her Directorship roles for multiple programs), where she was able to increase our staff member count and improve the turnover rate skillfully.She has traveled the nation to represent UniPro with poise, accepted well deserved awards and confidently spoke on behalf of us all.

Her potential for the organization is indispensable and we are looking forward to her BIG plans for the upcoming year(s). It is with no doubt in our minds that she will fulfill her goals and bring UniPro to the next level of greatness we all know it's capable of, especially with her leadership.

Please help us in a very much deserved congratulations to Iris Zalun for her role as President!