Seventeen Once

Speak & Be Heard Spotlight: Danielle Maglente


In anticipation of Friday's Speak & Be Heard spoken word competition, we wanted to give readers an idea of what sort of talent they can expect. Here is the winning piece from last year's competition "Seventeen Once" by Danielle Maglente. Danielle will also be one of our featured judges for the 2013 event on February 1. For more info, see the event flyer at the end of this story.  "Seventeen Once" by Danielle Maglente:

I was “in love” once, And stupid Yeah I thought my definition Of love Was crystal, clear, Lucid

But then I realized all I ever did was give my heart away To anyone that would use it

But he really did love me, I think.

Baby, you threw that fact around As if it wasn’t a delicate feeling Respected and renowned, Like it wasn’t my exposed vulnerability, Tender and profound.

And slowly The me I once knew was nowhere to be found.

Cause with all that time I made myself invest All those sweet quotes And love notes I lost myself Identity theft

Auctioning off This once respected sort of self For that chance of being in love Collecting dust on my shelf To you the highest bidder

Going, once for once I think I’m in love my thoughts dominated by you I can’t get enough going twice with your lips, and your words you entice but your heart just isn’t in it but I let it suffice

Sold, Without a moment to reconsider Our hearts grew founder But our conversations turned bitter

And I know you can go to the grave saying that you never hit her But your harsh words struck me like the heaviest fist The “Fuck You’s” left their marks worse than a dozen bruises

But tell me Why is it that when you left I was left Drowning in desperation

Throwing myself at you for a mere hint of reciprocation Thinking I could have your heart if you had my flesh Forced to succumb to this innate moral mess ,

Yeah I was sick and all I wanted was to convalesce.

But he used to be such a nice guy, I would doggedly protest He would never just use a girl Jus’ to get under her dress.

Not me. (what about those 5 years?) Not me.

I told you I was stupid,

I just wish there was some sort of quick remedy for a heartbreak.

Like, you were some universally accepted- FCC approved obscenity So I could just block and bleep you out of every crevice of my memory mentally erase you phsyically deface you fight that stupid, stupid, need to embrace you

You know, the funny part is, you blow up my phone more..AFTER we break up but I’ve wised up, yeah I put that shit on block

Cuz nobody calls at 4 in the morning “just to talk” I did it cause I missed you And You did it cause you suck Knew that I was waiting And would most likely pick up. ..and that’s just messed up.

Be a man. Being lost isn’t an excuse, babe. Should’ve just told me you gave up.


About Danielle: 21 years old. Currently a Senior at Seton Hall University, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Political Science and Asian Studies. I have been involved in the Filipino Community since I was four years old, singing in local Filipino Independence days, various Performing Arts of the Philippines Inc. (P.A.P.I. )events, Shirt the Kids NJ in 2011, and serving as External PR and President of Seton Hall’s Filipino Club (FLASH). I want to thank UNIPRO for allowing me to come back and judge this year’s SPEAK and BE HEARD Competition, and I want to wish good luck to all of the competitors!