UniPro Ugnayan Summit 2018:
Isang Bagsak, La Lucha Sigue

Saturday, November 3, 2018; University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

What is Summit?

UniPro’s Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth, also known as Summit, is an annual conference to congregate Pilipino community leaders. The purpose of Summit is to provide a safe space for honest dialogue among young Pilipinos from throughout the world.

This year UniPro San Diego is collaborating with the Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO) of the University of San Diego to host Summit. Summit  2018 will be recognized as "UniPro Ugnayan Summit" to acknowledge the value of unity and collaboration emphasized in this year's theme.


This Year's Theme:

Isang Bagsak - La Lucha Sigue - in two different languages - Tagalog and Spanish - it means “one down, the struggle continues…”. With the upheaval and division in our country, Americans are becoming louder than ever by demonstrating more transparency on their values, and leading national discussions and movements.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together like-minded and passionate students, individuals, and community groups, who seek the building blocks needed to lead initiatives and movements in their own communities. Our focus is to challenge those participants to create a template of action, find new ways of communicating their thoughts and stories, and mobilize their communities to persevere. In creating this conference, our goal is to help community members become united, engaged, and innovative leaders who are able to build events, spaces, or dialogues for change.  



Purchase your tickets for UniPro Ugnayan Summit 2018 now! Space is limited, we recommend purchasing your tickets early! To place in your cart, please enter your desired quantity for a ticket type, and add to your cart.  Proceed to checkout on the upper right corner of this page.  Please be advised that Early Bird Registration expires on August 31st. Tickets go up by $5 on September 1st and again by $5 on October 1st for Late Registration. 

Note for University of San Diego Students and Staff: All USD Students & Staff MUST pickup their tickets at the UC Ticket office located at Hahn University Center Rm 205. No online registration. 

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Download the Waiver Form for Minors
You can e-mail completed waiver forms to FUSO or provide a physical copy at the event. Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Note for Minors in Attendance: In accordance to USD policies, a parent and/or guardian must fill out, read, and sign a waiver form for each minor (under 18 years of age) that will attend the event .


This year our Summit is in San Diego, California. The conference will take place at the Hahn University Center of the University of San Diego.

Hahn University Center
5998 Acala Park Way, San Diego, California 92110

Click here for the University of San Diego Campus Map

This conference we decided to create three workshop sessions that Empower, Build Coalitions, and Mobilize. If you have a workshop pertinent to these topics and would like to present, please fill out the workshop proposal form below. 


Topic 1: Running for Office (city council, board of commissions)

Topic 2: Running for a leadership position

Topic 3: How to lead a group

Topic 4: Accountability

Topic 5: Leadership & Advocacy

Building Coalitions

Topic 1: Collaboration & Solidarity Building

Topic 2: Learning from our Past

Topic 3: Recruiting

Topic 4: Organizational Structure

Topic 5: Community Outreach


Topic 1: Creating Rallies and Marches

Topic 2: Getting involved as a minor (under 18)

Topic 3: Alternative/Non-traditional ways of Movement Building

Topic 4: Mobilizing your Community

Topic 5: Getting City Officials involved in your Movement

Get Involved

Bringing together like-minded and passionate students, individuals, and community groups with the intention of creating a foundation to lead initiatives and generate movements within communities isn’t easy but that won’t stop us and it shouldn’t stop you either. How do we get to our end goals? It’ll look different for each person. At times we’ll use our strengths and sometimes we’ll challenge ourselves to do something we’ve never envisioned doing. At UniPro Ugnayan Summit 2018 you can get involved through volunteering, participating in the open mic, becoming a sponsor, and/or assist with our fundraising efforts.


Summit is an annual conference held to create a safe space for the community to congregate and have honest conversations around the issues we’re facing. None of this would be possible without the dedication of volunteers that help to make this event possible. Volunteers will help with checking in guests, setting up, interacting with speakers, and other roles. Please fill out the volunteer interest form and someone will be in contact with you.


Open Mic

An open mic event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018. We want to give attendees the opportunity to share their art. As a multinational forum, we want to help bridge your spoken word, vocal skills, and dance moves to other communities. Whatever form of self-expression your voice takes on-we encourage you to showcase it at this event. Click on the flier on the button to sign up! The Open Mic will be held at the Hahn University Center. Performance sign ups end on November 1st.


Sponsor & Vendors

UniPro & FUSO would be honored to partner with organizations that share our vision of a united community, as well as, foster leadership development. There are various benefits to becoming a sponsor or hosting a vendor table at Summit other than fostering the growth of our communities and shared visions. Click on the link to learn more about sponsorship and vendor opportunities. Heard enough and ready to be a part of it? Check out the other link that will take you to the application.



UniPro Ugnayan Summit 2018 is going to be a jam packed day full of various sessions, talks, and events that will bring people from all over the nation together to create a forum where we can learn, share, and exchange ideas with. You can contribute to our fundraising efforts by attending fundraising events held locally in San Diego, supporting community artists, or head over to our GoFundMe page to help out.



Alicia Ricafrente
Co-Director (UniPro SD)


Adrianne Nguyen
Co-Director (FUSO)

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