Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro) educates, empowers, and connects the Pilipino American community by providing a platform for dialogue and growth. We unite Pilipino Americans through collaborative action, leadership development, and advocacy.

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UniPro's Statement of Principles

The power of our community is important today more than ever. Our work supports the building of leaders, creating a platform of collaboration between people, and encouraging conversations to educate and engage our community.

UniPro's Statement of Principles speaks to the value of our community, and the power of our work. We're advancing a set of principles to serve as the foundation of our push for progress. Your organization can endorse UniPro and stand as an ally of our community and our work by signing on to our campaign.

Let's work together.

UniPro provides programs and resources to push our community forward. We have collaborated with organizations of different backgrounds, ages, and purposes to support our mission and vision for our community.

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