Know Your Rights: Making Collective Attitudes Collaborative Action
6:30 pm18:30

Know Your Rights: Making Collective Attitudes Collaborative Action

  • NYU Palladium Hall Multipurpose Room

UniPro NY is excited to bring our community for a space of healing, sharing, and opportunity. Many around us are in a position of fear, oppression, and confusing following the election of President Donald Trump and the actions he and his administration have taken since being sworn into office. 

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Baon: Conference & Gala
9:00 am09:00

Baon: Conference & Gala

  • Texas A&M University, Rudder Tower

*Not a food conference

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UniPro Houston and SIFA invite you to participate in our one day conference followed by a gala open to both members of FSAs and the public. This event is catered to FSAs but everyone is welcome to come, as the topics discussed at the conference will intersect with people of all backgrounds. We want to spark discussion amongst participants in an open environment, and we hope this builds camaraderie in this growing community. Afterwards, come recharge with all of us at the evening gala, because Filipinos like hosting parties! We hope to see ya'll there.  Together, we will explore IDENTITY, EMPOWERMENT, & LEGACY through discussion-based workshops in hopes of finding strengths and helping one another grow.