Introducing: Fil-U-Up Series
4:00pm 4:00pm

Introducing: Fil-U-Up Series

UniPro Chicago-Midwest is proud to be partnering with Filipino Kitchen on our new dinner get-together series, "Fil-U-Up."

This will be a chance for people from all walks of life and of all communities to meet new people, explore delicious food and casually learn something new. It's an event where the conversation is as good and thoughtful as the carefully crafted Filipino cuisine--where thought and ideas flow like the attitude of the crowd--where the spirit of community embodies the "Bayanihan" spirit.

This is the place for you. Come check it out!

Upcoming event - Fil-U-Up: Kamayan Night
Date: Sunday, July 23
Time: 4pm-8pm
Location: Chicago - Humboldt Park (Exact address will be emailed after payment).
Cost: $25/person, all you can eat

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This is a "kamayan" style feast where no utensils are needed to eat extraordinary amounts of delicious food. In Tagalog, "kamay," means "hands." In this Filipino tradition, guests eat food (cleanly) using traditional bare hand techniques. The feast is laid out on banana leaves, and guests eat freely. Meet new people, have great conversation and enjoy this delicious dinner. Everyone is welcome.

*RSVP by July 20. Seats are limited. (30)
*Location will appear once tickets are purchased
*Utensils will be available upon request.
*Proceeds will go towards future programming for UniPro Chicago-Midwest & Filipino Kitchen


Garlic Coconut Fried Rice
Pork BBQ
Vegetarian Kare Kare
Karioka Ice Cream Sandwich (fried mochi w/ caramel sauce)
*Menu is subject to change.

***RSVP through UniPro's website by Thursday July 20
*Gratuity is not included, please make sure to take care of your servers
*Proceeds will go towards future programming for UniPro Chicago-Midwest & Filipino Kitchen
**Seats are limited (30)

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Philippine Graduation Ceremony 2017: New York
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Philippine Graduation Ceremony 2017: New York

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Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro) and the Philippine Consulate General in New York invite you to participate in New York Metropolitan Area's Fifth Annual Philippine Graduation Ceremony at Kalaya'an Hall of the Philippine Center in New York. The event is open to all Filipino-American academic candidates who have successfully completed coursework in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral field this year.

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UniPro Summit 2017: Persist
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UniPro Summit 2017: Persist

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UniPro’s Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth, also known as UniPro Summit, is an annual conference to congregate Pilipino community leaders. This year’s theme “Persist” was inspired by the heightened awareness of the cultural, political, and social justice issues that have arisen in our communities.

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Baon: Conference & Gala
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Baon: Conference & Gala

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UniPro Houston and SIFA invite you to participate in our one day conference open to both members of FSAs and the rest of our community to discuss topics that will intersect with people of all backgrounds. Afterwards, join us at our evening Gala. Together, we will explore IDENTITY, EMPOWERMENT, & LEGACY through discussion-based workshops in hopes of finding strengths and helping one another grow.

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