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"Cambio Market: Sharing Filipino Ingenuity With The World"

Last year, me and my partner, Jerome, both quit our corporate jobs and decided to embark on a new adventure. We launched Cambio Market on a whim of sorts, no expectations or long-term plan. All we had was this burning desire to do something more, to inject meaning and impact into our very comfortable, easy lives in Toronto. Little did we realize where our whim of an adventure would take us ...

by Gelaine Santiago

"Katapatan Nga Ba"

The Pledge says, Philippine society is “loving, of God, of the environment, of its people, and of its country,” but how true is this? Do we love our God when we turn our churches into marketplaces? Do we love the environment when we continue to litter and pollute our surroundings? Do we love our people when crab mentality remains within us? Do we love our country when everyone aspires to migrate?

By Samantha Dizon

"Why Donald Trump Is Good for America"

"Whether you're frustrated with the 1%, upset with the politics of Washington, wanting our country to create more jobs, or looking for more social equality - that is all good. If you feel strongly about something or want to fight for something, keep fighting."

By Anthony Castro

"No More Silence – Why Black Lives Matter to Pilipinos Too"

"No matter how much I work with and identify as a Pilipino-American, I never forget my Blackness. Blackness supersedes any of my other identities because it’s the one that can get me killed ..."

by stephanie chrispin

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